C5050 hard reset

Started Feb 23, 2004 | Discussions thread
James_With_Olympus_C-5050 Contributing Member • Posts: 808
Re: C5050 hard reset

PDW911 wrote:

I've updated firmware.

Good for you

Is it necessary to hard reset and excatly how is this done

I think it's good to do a hard reset just make sure the new firmware is indeed loaded. How?

  • Power down the camera

  • Turn the dial to M, A os S

  • Open the memory card door

  • Power Up the camera

  • Press and hold firm the QuickView and OK buttons at the same time, and hold the two buttons for about 3 seconds until a menu showup on the LCD

  • Select from the menu RESET

  • Press OK to confirm the RESET

  • Wait until the RESET is complete.

Now I don't have to tell you how to close the memory card door or how to re-power up your camera

Good luck,

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