test: 24-70L sigma 24-70 28-135IS (pics 3MB)

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Flat view
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test: 24-70L sigma 24-70 28-135IS (pics 3MB)


finally my brother gave me some webspace. i told you several times of my lens comparisons but this is the first time to post some pics.

camera: 10D, out of camera pics, parameters: cont +1, sat +1, sharp +2. this equals "parameter 1" on the 300D.
the lenses: 28-135IS, works fine in every day use. i have no problems with it.

24-70L, got it some days ago. it backfocusses and seems to be soft on the left side. will send it for callibration tomorrow. otherwise seems sharp.

Sigma 24-70/2.8, while nice built and not too heavy, AF it bad with 10D. it focusses randomly to different focus points, thus many of the pics are unsharp.

the test conditions: all pics from tripod. i focussed manually. at every focal lenght and aperture and after prefocussing i took about 20pics at very slightly different focal points. thus the pics ARE IN FOCUS. what you see are 100% crops. the test is non professional and surely not perfect but i hope it will help some of you.

all pics are 1280 x 960 so shoud fit full frame on many monitors (when downloaded).
any comments welcome

28mm wide angle

28mm - wide open

28mm f8

70mm tele

70mm - wide open

70mm f4.5

70mm f8

Flat view
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