Where's waldo(Daniella from the 300D forum)

Started Feb 21, 2004 | Discussions thread
Daniella Regular Member • Posts: 296
I want to apologize to everyone for this

all this turmoil. I don't understand why it is taken into this forum and I wish that people would stop taking this as entertaining. It is really not constructive.

As for Micheal Louis, he's a troll, don't feed him.


POLBOSS wrote:

Guys I remember that the other day some of you were discussing
about Daniella from the 300D forum.( I've been hanging around the
300D forum because I bought a 300D as a backup to my 10D.)
Guess what? Daniella is missing and there's a big deal about it
there, the thread about her missing reached 150 comments in record
time, lol, lots of crazy comments about, and when I said crazy I
meant Crazzzy lol. just tought of sharing this with you.

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Irm’kelk ui un pap’aco coro oln tinu. S'un 'a atar'dur?'
Un thoron arart’a s’un hith mal’kemen ioke.

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