World Wide Warranty Question for Jay

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Re: World Wide Warranty Question for Rehnniar

even i am not Jay, but you should look for mack warranties. they offer worldwide warranty for 3 years for afortable prices... japan is although part of our world,, isnt it? so it should work this way. maybee the kodaks world is more little,- as their prices overseas and their "worldwide" warranty suggests...

ask this guy: its andrew frausini and he has great prices for Mack warranties ( much cheaper than b+h...).

dead eye wrote:
Jay now that I have seen this thread grow I begin to wonder. Since
the website says worldwide its easy to assume it means worldwide.
But now I am not so sure. I have ordered the new camera here in
Japan. But I am concerned about the warranty. If I cannot sell the
camera later in the States on Ebay for example I am stuck with
taking what a dealer would give me here when I move on. You know
dealers have to make a profit on second hand cameras as well.
Can I get assurance that the camera would be supported by Kodak in
the States if I am there or sell the camera there?

Muzz wrote:

The Kodak web site clearly states that the slr/n is covered by a
"world wide warranty".

I'm hoping that Jay can confirm this to be the case, and that slr/n
cameras under warranty can be repaired at any kodak service centre
worldwide during the warranty period.

Thanks in advance Jay.


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