[pics] My second model shoot. S1 Still cranks out great!!

Started Feb 16, 2004 | Discussions thread
Jeffrey Knapp Regular Member • Posts: 355
From a fellow second-shoot shooter

Just finished my second shoot too. Like the guys say, these are lovely ladies and bit more variety and emotion in the poses (sassy, seductive, etc. - easy to say - darned hard to do) might have been nice. Clothes are cute too but maybe a bit more variety, at least in color. If youwere like me, your tension about "getting it right" may have affected the models too - things look a little too "cool", but then what do I know? That may just be your style. Maybe next time have a bit more fun and play with the lighting a bit try some sillouetes, seeing as how they both have great figures. Lenses - I can see wide lenses working OK with REALLY thin ladies but IMHO they are not thin enough to pull it off. Looking forward toyour next shoot. I'm sure others are too - PMA probably just got in the way.

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