IF hologram set to on and blocked, little blue icon lower right?

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Re: IF hologram set to on and blocked, little blue icon lower right?

paix01 wrote:

sony cybershot 717 is the camera

As DanC mentions, turns out that it's the jog dial indicator. The arrow is a reminder that you press it down to choose a selection, after rolling it.

Sony user manuals leave a lot to be desired, unfortunately. You're right -- it's completely missing from the set of illustrations starting page on 118. And they don't even refer to it specifically when describing the jog dial on p. 43.

It's been found that going through Phil's review pages is often a much better and quicker way to identify and understand some features than grappling with the user manual!

While I think of it, there's a translation error relating to manual white balance that confuses a lot of people. At the top of page 55 you need to forget about the word "shoot". In order to actually shoot in manual (one-push) white balance mode you select it as per Step 2 on page 54.

The "one-push" thing is about CALIBRATION, so the heading on p. 55 should read simply: "To set one-push white balance".

In sub-step 1 that follows that heading, read "Frame a white object...", NOT "Shoot a white object...". You don't actually photograph anything when doing this.

Manual WB is recognised as the way to get the best and most consistent colour out of an F717 or F707.


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