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Re: Z1 Tele converter

Hi Ingo,

The Olympus TCON-17 will work very well with the Z1. This is a 1.7x tele converter. You need to get 3 things:

1) The TCON-17 itself ($99 new or on e-Bay) this has a 55m thread
2) The Minolta ZCA-100 adapter for the Z1 ($12.95) this has a 52mm thread
3) A 52-55mm step up ring ($3 at the local photo store).

I bought the TCON-17 last week and I hope to shoot some pictures with it this week. However here is a link to a website that has some pretty good pictures with the Z1 and TCON-17.



IngoZaugnutt wrote:

10x is probably enough, but I'd like to consider a tele converter
for the Z1. Minolta doesn't make one, only a wide angle, but they
make one for the A line, so maybe thats a sign that a Z line tele
converter is coming? Or are there non minolta tele coverters that
will work?

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