10D Autofocus/Exposure Problems

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Re: It's all in the perspective...

My 10D is NOT perfect in terms of locking on the target under all circumstances and never faling to rea dmy mind in what i want! Like any tool, the user has to figure out what it will and will not do well. The 10D is not aprofessional body and has limitations designed in, without question. Low light AF with amoving child can, at times, force it to hunt more than I'd care for. Canon's 100mm f2.8 macro lens is ab ig low light hunter, even in non macro mode. But then, it is, after all, a macro lens. My 50mm f1.8 MkII lens hunts in low light more so than my 70-200 f4 L. But then my previous film camera, the EOS10S, really could not lock onto mini blinds backlit from sunshine whereas my 10D can.

I agree if a camera is not working as designed, it needs to be fixed, and am certain many who have complained do have camera issues. If yous ell enough camera bodies, the faulty ones will become visible, and hopefully Canon will fix them. I doubt , though, that the 10D AF issue is much more than a self created "issue" versus a known error rate in the mass production of the body. Add to that many users are inexperienced and some just haven't yet figured out what the camera can and cannot do. But, one thing to try is shoot everything with manual focus. Some people are VERY capable of focusing manually and doing so very quickly, even faster than the camera can. I, on the other hand, usually cannot , unless I am shooting in macro which I always focus manually.

But for those who have wanted a 10D and are being scared away by the posts here, please don't be. Buy from a local retailer who has a 10-30 days return policy, and try one out. Min ehas been an incredible joy, and I would say most of the OOF shots I have taken have been flawed by me and not the camera. The 10D AF system is close to what the film based Elan has in it. It is NOT a professional AF system and it will at times not be as fast as you might hope for. But fo rmost of us hobbyists, in generla, the 10D is an incredible camera! Again, avery happy 10D owner here!

Pearl Rider wrote:

As you've said, the people who are happy with the 10D aren't going
to be nearly as vocal as those who aren't. We seem to have some
people here who are not only vocal but bent on proclaiming the 10D
(most or all) to be junk because THEIRS was. Now if you make the
same statement in reverse, that your camera and many others worked
fine so the problem can't be THAT bad, you're quickly reminded that
just because YOURS is a good one doesn't mean they're all good.
Doesn't this seem a bit inconsistent? Sure, there are people here
who had a problem camera. There's a lot more of them who didn't.
These are MASS PRODUCED units and there ARE going to be some which
are defective. That's just a fact of doing business in these days
of corporate cost cutting. You just have to take steps during the
purchasing stage to get relief in the event you get one of the bad
ones. That's what I did with both of my 10Ds and, miraculously,
neither one exhibit any problems. I say "miraculously", because
it's RARE that I get a good copy of anything on the first try.

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