ID this UFO please? OT

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Re: Here is a UFO on Mars

I'm afraid that is just dust on the camera. Same place in several images it seems.

We can be quite sure the anything even remotely juicy observed by spirit and it will never make it to the public

JWP wrote:

Daniella wrote:

I saw this wierd object in the sky and did not thought I managed to
capture it as I could not spot it the sky fast enough before it
went away. It is not easy to spot someting small with a 300mm

There was 3 objects flying in a triangular formation, and quite
fast. they sudendly changed course and went up real fast and
gone...any idea what this can be? I know it's not a UFO but can it
be some weather balloons? seemed the size of a small plane for
each objects but hard to tell really.

I left the dragonfly in the crop to give an idea of scale and
distance..not sure if that will help. Look at the bottom of the

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