8mp on 2/3 Noise ...

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Re: 8mp on 2/3 Noise ...

David Martin wrote:

amutz wrote:

I'd like to assume that the sensor size plus the lens speed is more
important than the pixel size. That is, we should be able to
select a lower resolution image and a higher ISO setting and get
clean images when the lighting conditions demand it. For example,
I'd love to see ISO400 2MP images from this camera and see if they
are up to dSLR standards.

They are nothing remotely like it. ISO1600 on a 10D is cleaner than
ISO400 on any of these, and by a long way.
Please see profile for equipment

We haven't seen the images to know this for sure IMO.

The reason this is a legitimate hope: a 2MP image from this 8MP 2/3 sensor uses roughly the same area for image capture as a 6MP image from a dSLR using an APS size sensor. The APS size sensor has a cell size of about 7.4 microns on a side. The 2/3 sensor has a cell size of about 3 microns on a side. Taking an image at 2MP resolution means combining 4 cells per result pixel - or an effective 'combined' cell of 6 microns per side. Not exactly as much area but it could be comparable. This would be a nice alternative for capturing high ISO images when lighting conditions demand it and a 2MP image is sufficient.

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