Chasseurs d'Images 261: test of lenses.

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Re: Chasseurs d'Images 261: test of lenses.

mike_botelho wrote:

The second point is this and here is the proof that the D.O.
measurements ar relevent and probably valid:

Using measurements of the lens for sharpness, P.F., geometric
distortion, contrast and brightness anomolies for each f stop, a
profile is made for every lens on the market.

Thus, reading the EXIF data, any and all images can be batch
corrected and will be incredible improved with no human

From the samples on D.O. lab site, the software is paradigm
shattering, if confirmed.

We have been hearing preliminary words of praise on certain web
sites, and within several weeks there will be a review published.

What it does promise, is to make plastic pressed lenses (in
el-cheapo cameras) perform as if they were from better glass optics.

The lenses we worry about on the 1Ds should be much improved. The
best lenses will be even better.

It reminds me of having software corrections to Hubble, LOL

The only problem is that it is French and, damn it, I don't want to
give them credit. Let's hope that the work was done by someone from
the Czek Republic. It's about time!


Thanks for this information, it's very interesting. How, though,
are these corrections going to be made to lenses? Through in
camera processing, post-processing, revamped lens designs?

Mike, here's what I think, if everything shown so far is confirmed:

1. For now, this Spring:

We may be using it as software within weeks to batch optimize the spatiallly disrtibuted chromatic, contrast, brightness and sharpness defects in all our images due to combination of lens-sensor error.

The result will be a many fold increase in the quality of all pictures and all conditons by all lenses no matter how cheap or erotic!...........That typo came from above, it stays! i meant exotic!

2. Next year?

Together with the new TI image optimizer chip just announced, (deals with distributions of luminence amongst other things and instructions to the hardware that controls the chip sensor and image processing) it will be virtually impossible for grandma or little sue age 4 to take a poorly exposed or focused picture with the cameras even in the $199-$299 price range! Kodak, HP and Canon are already signed up for that!

I believe that companies like Kodak, HP and even Canon and others will licence the D.O. labs software profiling system and making firmware to optimize the data processed inside the camera to produce a TIFF or a RAW file.

In additon all Camera review sites will need the software and news organizations, CIA, FBI etc will use the lens profiling software to make their own highly optimized INDIVIDUAL lens specific profiles ($18.000 -25,000 per "seat' to make custom profiles for every fstop and focal length of every lens they own in in that camera's arsenal. This will always be upgradble by firmware or as profiles to use in batch processing images after shooting.

What it will do for the L lenses is make the MTF charts rather irrelevent, since the faults will in major part be corrected.....if the technology is as great as the initial reports and the magnificent sample images indicate!

3. For the future:

Now all we need are sensors that can go up to 6400 with no noise (within 1 year) and auto focus at levels too poor for the owl to fly (4 years), cheap 16 bit monitors (5years) and we'll have very little to worry about and Phil will have to retire to fantasy island doing reviews on the optics of nano mice..

Mike, from their website,
"What is DxO® Optics PRO™ ?

DXO Optics PRO is a Macintosh or Windows application that improves image quality by removing major optical faults found in even high-end Digital SLRs and their lenses -
i.e :
Distortion (barrel, pincushion or more complex);
Chromatic aberration;
Blur - or image softness (even complex blur such as astigmatism);

Furthermore, DXO Optics PRO is totally automatic, drag & drop, hassle-free and capable of processing more than 2 Mega-pixels per second.

or send us an email at to be amongst the first to be informed of the product launch."


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