Chasseurs d'Images 261: test of lenses.

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Re: Chasseurs d'Images 261: test of lenses.

Olivier GALLEN wrote:

True! And don't forget some Olympusiens (E-1) who have been really
disappointed by the results...

However, those results should still be taken with a grain of salt,
as the default settings (sharpness, etc...) do influence the
results on sharpness ("piqué") by some amount (not precised yet)...

This really seems to be a major breakthrough in the
testing/reviewing of digital cameras + lenses (accuracy, amount of
information, workflow...).

There are two benefits claimed by the new technology. First, it is manufacturer, advertiser and website-owner uninformed and un-biased.

Too often we have unfair testing or overblown praise or restraint of praise or just failure to review......... unless the camera fits into one's beliefs or intererests or fantasy.

DO labs attempts and claims to have overcome this by a non-fatiguable system where in a picture of a standard test chart is taken and analysed automatically and results are given with units that can be understood.

1 unit of blurriness is that achieved by a single use of PS "blur again" filter. That unit then is used to describe what happens to the sharpness all over the lens.

There is more as descibed in a former post that are equally logical.

The second point is this and here is the proof that the D.O. measurements ar relevent and probably valid:

Using measurements of the lens for sharpness, P.F., geometric distortion, contrast and brightness anomolies for each f stop, a profile is made for every lens on the market.

Thus, reading the EXIF data, any and all images can be batch corrected and will be incredible improved with no human interference.

From the samples on D.O. lab site, the software is paradigm shattering, if confirmed.

We have been hearing preliminary words of praise on certain web sites, and within several weeks there will be a review published.

What it does promise, is to make plastic pressed lenses (in el-cheapo cameras) perform as if they were from better glass optics.

The lenses we worry about on the 1Ds should be much improved. The best lenses will be even better.

It reminds me of having software corrections to Hubble, LOL

The only problem is that it is French and, damn it, I don't want to give them credit. Let's hope that the work was done by someone from the Czek Republic. It's about time!


I have the 261 issue, and I am looking forward to the 262 issue...


Powerdoc wrote:

En tout cas sur les forums de CI, ces tests ont declenché une
tempéte. En gros les nikonistes sont furax.

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