A1 Bag-What are you using??

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Re: Lowepro Nova 1 for A1 + flash + ...

Tricia wrote:

John down under wrote:

I like to run a separator horizontally with a space at one end to
tuck the head of the flashgun under it (in the bent position). The
small flap on the separator separates the lens and flashgun when I
lay the A1 on its side with grip up as shown. This should provide
much better lens protection than if the lens is straight down or
up. There is still room to throw in the lens hood.

Hmmm...the new one is much sexier than the old one - the front flap
on mine is more squared with a smaller tan binding around the edge

  • looks quite boring compared to yours!

I can tell that I'm going to have to load my camera differently,
too. With the D7, lens down was fine because I always left the lens
hood attached to protect the lens; however, with the A1, putting it
in the same way manages to change the AF/MF switch because it
sticks out so far. I'll have to give your way a shot.

Hi Tricia,

I don't even use a hood most of the time, but I do try very hard to make sure the sun is not shining directly onto the lens anyway, eg by keeping the sun more at my back where possible. I often use a 62mm polariser outside and the hood will not fit over that. I have a 49mm UV filter for physical lens protection, but it slightly vignets at WA and I think I will go for a 62mm UV filter with stepping ring instead. I have found it much easier to unscrew the stepping ring from the camera than to unscrew lenses from the stepping ring, so a stepping ring for each lens is the go for me. How important do you think it is to use the hood anyway?

I got the idea of putting the camera in the bag on its side from a friend who figured out that worked best for him. He actually bought the Nova 1 on my recommendation for camera + flashgun, etc and then improved on my idea of storing the camera on its back. He stores his 5600 flashgun straight rather than bent like mine and has it running up the side of his Nova 1 bag, then uses the divider vertically. However, the flashgun will not fit that way with an Omni-Bounce flash diffuser fitted (my Sigma flashgun is too long even without diffuser to do that). That may give even more room to shove other stuff in the bag around/under the camera, but the hood will have to be taken off or turned around if you want to lay the camera on its side.

Cheers from down under, John

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