OMG... Wedding shoot???

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Thank you n/t

lisafx wrote:

Mark Gillett wrote:

I started reading the previous posters and just got bored. Whilst
I agree the wedding is a huge occasion, this friend has asked you
knowing your skills. So, that being said she knows what to expect.
You are also not charging which is very very generaous of you.
Perhpas also you are doing them a great favour because they can not
afford a full time pro. For this alone you would be doing them a
great favour.

Your writing is very negative indeed and this is a little scary as
all of your text indicates that you cannot take a photograph,
however, reading between the lines I would think that it is more
modesty thean inability.

What you should remember is that everyone who comments on you doing
this job is doing so without seeing your work. This means that
they are not qualified to say "turn it down" as I am not qualified
to say "shoot it"

Please, if you feel you are helping these people out and they trust
you, take it. It will be a huge job and responsibility but in the
end worthwhile, I am sure. Make your own decisions and choices and
prepare well if it is to do it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Post the results!


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