A1 Bag-What are you using??

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Re: A1 Bag- how about with grip and ext flash?

lowepg wrote:
My bag just ran outta space again!

Any suggestions for A1+3600 flash plus grip?

Also, dumb question- but do y'all store the camera lens down or on
its side?

Jonathan Reed wrote:

I'm sure I'll get a couple links to a nice ladies handbag, but
seriously, I've looked at many and can't find the right bag. Since
the lens is not centered, it puts some of the Lowepro Nova bags
out. There must be one out there that'll work. What worked for
you?? Thanks!!

I have a Samsonite Model 9006BK bag that I bought at Target Stores three years ago for my Nikon 950. I am now using it for my 7Hi. It has two compartments inside (which are adjustable) one for my 3600HS flash battery charger and spare batteries and the other for the camera. It has net pockets on the inside of the top cover for batteries, extra CF cards or what ever and also netted pockets in front and side of the outside of the bag which are covered and protected when you close the bag.

Hope this helps!

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