A1 Bag-What are you using??

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Tom Hoots
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Re: A1 Bag- lens barrel down?

lowepg wrote:

I've got mine in a more rectangular bag, sitting on its side. For
some reason it seems safer that way- but are most folks using these
zoom bags with the lens down?

Do you need extra padding at the bottom? And/or are you stowing it
with the hood engaged?


Yep, lens down, and I guess I'd have to go find out where I put that dang hood -- in other words, "no hood" anywhere. I put the bag (lens down) into my "soft" leather briefcase and take it to work with me every day. And, the handle on the thing has the lens facing down when I carry it.

All that said, when I "put the bag down" on the table with the camera in it, I place it on the "long end" of the case -- the "bottom of the picture" you see here. So, it sits in the case in that position just like you'd have it if you took it out of the case and laid it on the table. Works quite well!

Tom Hoots

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