Poll...Did you switched from Nikon D1/h/s to Canon Digital??

Started Feb 4, 2004 | Discussions thread
Stan Disbrow Senior Member • Posts: 2,935
Oh, and I was a long time Nikon shooter


My second SLR was a Nikon FE in 1979. I've had many Nikons since then (most every manual focus Nikon SLR save an original F). I didn't even look at Canon until the 1D came out.

However, I must say that I'd have bought a Canon D30 if Canon had that out in April of 2000 when I bought my original Nikon D1. The price difference at the time was significant. Plus, I had no Nikon AF lenses until after I bought the D1. I used my older manual focus lenses with the E2 (and still do).


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