A1 Bag-What are you using??

Started Feb 1, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: A1 Bag- lens barrel down?

lowepg wrote:

I've got mine in a more rectangular bag, sitting on its side. For
some reason it seems safer that way- but are most folks using these
zoom bags with the lens down?

Yes. The bag is meant to store zoom lenses for SLR cameras.

Do you need extra padding at the bottom? And/or are you stowing it
with the hood engaged?

There is IMO sufficient padding in the bag but not "extra" padding at the bottom. I have tried it with the hood on the A1 in its normal position. The bag is big enough to accommodate it that way. If I was in a rush, I wouldn't have a problem putting it in that way. Otherwise, to be more secure, you can turn the hood around and mount it facing backwards on the camera.

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