please share your ir photo technique

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Re: Andy I feel silly even trying to help a skilled

photographer like you lol but I might have some useful tips.
These are not my favorite shots, just handy as I have zillions, I love IR!
Ok first off I USED to use the IR 72, but now use NDX 400.
This first shot was mid afternoon, dull day.
SS: 1/20
Aperture: F2.4
ISO: 100

This was hand held. PS work is what I thought some of you might like to try. I adjusted color as USUAL then added a gradient filter. You could sharpen which is very nice also but I liked the dreamy effect.

The next shot I thought you people might like to try.
NDX 400, SS: 1/30, Aperture: F2.0, ISO: 160.
Taken with camera on SEPIA MODE. Just lightened and sharpened in PS basically.
There you have it a little twist to IR photo taking.


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