Opinions of Canon 24-70mm (f/2.8) for Digital Rebel

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Re: Opinions of Canon 24-70mm (f/2.8) for Digital Rebel

I have this lens... also the whole series of L zooms - 16-35L, 24.70L, and 70-200L non-is and what you need to know is you also need a great body to complement it or it's a waste of value. At least a 10D minimum... That's like buying a 400HP engine from a souped up Mercedes into a pinto. Not the same thing...


CanonKen wrote:


I searched the forum and saw what was posted about this lens, and
that answered some questions, but I have a few more:

-Any idea when it's replacement is due?
-Will something like it come out that will be less expensive (I
know it is hard to tell what Canon will release)
-Is it 'the' lens to have for normal stuff?

Anything else you like/know about it? I have always wanted a fast
zoom lens, and this thing seems nice, but $1200 is a LOT of money.

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