SD10 is available in Canada

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Re: SD10 is available in Canada

Ordered the camera. Credit card was debited day 1. For the next 3 days I received emails to the effect that my address could not be verified, despite my having been a customer 2 times previously, having their catalog delivered to my address etc. It became surreal/comic when they asked me to send a phone bill: the one I sent was unacceptable because it was for a phone without a wire, making it a "wireless bill", not a phone bill. At that point I had to give up, because I couldn't believe what was happening. All I can say is that I am definitely a "false positive". Somehow they saved me from being defrauded by refusing to sell me a camera and to believe me when I say who I say I am. At any account, I've always been happy with B&H but can't go back. But I would recommend it, although I wrote up my experience on BizRate.

Anyway, up to now, this meant that I couldn't get the camera I wanted in Canada. We still live in the cartel era up here. MSRP is the price that goes, so when Canon says an EOS Rebel costs $1,500 Can with lens, that's what it costs, everywhere, all the time. This is about $200 more after exchange than the price ($999 US) 100 km away in Bellingham Washington. For something like the Sigma you're out of luck.

Scott Greiff wrote:
What sort of problems did you have with B&H?

  • ScottAG

RHB wrote:

To Canadians who might be interested in getting the SD10 in Canada: , a Toronto chain? has the SD10 listed at $1999
Canadian with no shipping. This appears to be cheaper than most US
prices. It comes with a special caveat that it is not returnable.
After my experience trying to get one from New York through B&H,
I'm looking into this one.


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