A1 Bag-What are you using??

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Tom Hoots
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Re: A1 Bag-What are you using??


Another vote for the LowePro TLZ Mini:

The A1 fits in there quite nicely, with a bit of room at the top to accomodate the CF cards I've got in the interior pocket. A big pocket on the front would hold several extra batteries -- I've only got one extra, which seems entirely sufficient. I keep a neck strap that I can clip onto the camera when needed plus the extra battery there.

The TLZ Mini has a good handle on the top (lens pointing down), and I put the A1 in there so the bottom of the camera sits on the "bottom" of the case, and lay it down that way. Kind of have to think more three-dimensionally with this case than any other I've had....

Tom Hoots

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