"modified" firmware - what works and what doesn't

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"modified" firmware - what works and what doesn't

for more information, see the following thread:

Here's my initial testing results for the different custom functions (called cf1-cf17 in this post)

cf1 SET button func. when shooting - works
0: default / no function (300D default)
1: change quality
2: change parameters
3: menu display
4: image replay

cf2 shutter release w/o cf-card - works
0: possible w/o cf-card (300D default)
1: not possible

cf3 flash sync speed in Av mode - works
0: auto (300D default)
1: 1/200 sec fixed

cf4 shutter button / ae lock button - not sure if it works
0: af/ae lock
1: ae lock/af
2: af/af lock, no ae lock
3: ae/af, no ae lock (300D default? not sure)

cf5 af assist beam/flash firing
0: emits/fires
1: does not emit/fires
2: only ext. flash emits/fires
3: emits/does not fire

cf5 doesn't seem to do anything (maybe only with external flash?)

cf6 exposure level increments
0: 1/2 stop
1: 1/3 stop (300D default)

cf6 seems to be about exposure compensation. seems to work, but the LCD on the back doesn't seem to have the right amount of "ticks" to display this correctly.

cf7 af point registration
(lets you choose different af points, but not sure what that actually does)

cf8 raw + jpg rec
0: raw+small coarse
1: raw+small fine
2: raw+medium coarse
3: raw+medium fine (300D default?)
4: raw+large coarse
5: raw+large fine

didn't test yet - question: will changing the jpg size inside the raw influence C1?

cf9 bracket. sequence/auto cancel - didn't test yet
0: 0,-,+ enable (300D default)
1: 0,-,+
2: -,0,+ enable
3: -,0,+

cf10 superimposed display
0: on
1: off

cf10 doesn't seem to do anything (or I didn't find it)

cf11 menu button display position
0: previous(top if powered off)
1: previous
2: top

cf11 doesn't seem to do anything

cf12 mirror lockup
0: disable (300D default)
1: enable

cf12 doesn't seem to do anything (at least I don't know how to actually trigger the mirror to go up)

cf13 assist button function
0: normal
1: select home position
2: select HP (while pressing)
3: av+ - (af point by qcd)
4: fe lock

cf13 doesn't seem to have any function as there's no assist button

cf14 auto reduction of fill flash - not tested yet
0: enable (300D default)
1: disable

cf15 shutter curtain sync
0: 1st curtain sync
1: 2nd curtain sync

cf15 doesn't seem to do anything, at least with built-in flash. tried a 2sec exposure in M mode, but flash fired at the beginning. af lock didn't help either.

cf16 safety shift in av or tv
0: disable
1: enable

dunno what safety shift is, maybe exposure related?

cf17 lens af stop button function
0: af stop
1: af start
2: ae lock while metering
3: af point: m-> auto/auto-ctr.
4: one shot ->
5: IS start

300D doesn't have a lens af stop button

hope this helps .. this post is BY NO MEANS A RECOMMENDATION to upgrade to a hacked firmware, just my findings from taking the plunge and trying it out. if you want to go that route, you do it on your own risk!

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