A1 Bag-What are you using??

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Re: A1 Bag-What are you using??

I find the Minolta MBD1 case to much of a tight squeeze, - a fidle to get the camera out of the bag in a hurry without turning dials and changing settings.

I was looking for a Crumpler bag that would do the job, - I like the way they do not look like camera bags which to me is vey useful given some of the places I travel. Any ideas on a Crumpler modle anybody?

Chris G B wrote:

Jonathan Reed wrote:

I'm sure I'll get a couple links to a nice ladies handbag, but
seriously, I've looked at many and can't find the right bag. Since
the lens is not centered, it puts some of the Lowepro Nova bags
out. There must be one out there that'll work. What worked for
you?? Thanks!!

Hi Jonathan

I use the Minolta MB-D1. Just under £20 this bag is a tight but
good fit for the camera (lens hood reversed) 4 CF cards, spare
battery (I might need to use it one day) and nothing else. Nice and
copact to carry around.


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