please share your ir photo technique

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Re: please share your ir photo technique


This is my current procedure:

717 with emitters blocked.
IR 87C with ND2 and / or ND4
ISO 100
EV 0
Nightshot mode
Convert to grayscale via gradient map (Black-White)
Adjust Contrast/Brightness
Run Neat Image

Hope this helps. I picked up all of this info for this procedure from STF posts.


Here is my IR gallery

Andy Williams wrote:

this is a whole new area of photography to me and i'm sure i have a
lot to learn! i think others will benefit from this, too. could
you please share one of your best ir photos and explain the
technique used at shoot and in post. thanks!

  • the shooting conditions (time of day, lighting, season etc.

  • camera settings

  • filters used

  • what post-processing techniques

thanks, this will be something we can all learn from. i'll collect
the info after a while and post in a separate thread.

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