please share your ir photo technique

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Re: please share your ir photo technique

Hi, Andy, I would say 80% of my photography is IR, here's how I do it
1. 7*7 camera
2. Block IR emitters (I use tape)
3. Attach IR pass filter (87C is good)
4. Attach Neutral Density filter(s) (total of .8 is good, or crossed polarizers)
5. Set ISO to 100, or 64 or whatever (Auto ISO will not work for this)
6. Set EV to 0
7. Set exposure mode to Nightshot

8. Meter the scene to see what shutter speed the camera wants to use, then add or remove ND filters, as needed, to force cam to shoot at the maximum shutter speed for Nightshot which is 1/60 with a 7*7 or 1/30 with a V1 or 828. The best quality images, IMHO, are shot at the fastest shutter speed, at 0 EV.

9. Take pics. They come out of the camera kind of green and with a lot of dynamic range. Convert them to grayscale in Photoshop, and compress the dynamic range a little, and selectively, and run the sky through NeatImage, and they will look something like this that I took with a 707.

Andy Williams wrote:

this is a whole new area of photography to me and i'm sure i have a
lot to learn! i think others will benefit from this, too. could
you please share one of your best ir photos and explain the
technique used at shoot and in post. thanks!

  • the shooting conditions (time of day, lighting, season etc.

  • camera settings

  • filters used

  • what post-processing techniques

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