Please help me with my new flash

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Re: Please help me with my new flash

Hello Amit,

When doing flash photography, you will want to use manual exposure on the camera.

Amit Chugh wrote:

The problem that I am having is that most of the pictures either
get overexposed or underexposed.

The way I take a picture is I set the flash to GREEN AUTO mode
which is F5.6 at ISO 100 and then I set my camera to Aperture mode.
I set the lowest aperture I can use with my camera, which is F4.0
and use the full zoom. At full zoom V1 only gives me f4.0. Although
at full wide I get f2.8.

If you set the flash to auto f/5.6, then set the camera manually to use aperture f/5.6. Don't have two different auto modes running at the same time.

Based on the information posted here as well as at the back of the
lumiquest, it was said that using a bounce flash will loose 1 stop
of light. So, I set my camera 1 stop below i.e. f4.0 and flash at
f5.6 but I am not happy with the pictures.

If you are using manual output of the flash then yes, yu will need to compensate. But if the flash is controlling the output automatically, then you don't also need to compensate with the camera. Let the flash handle the that.

Can someone provide with some more information on indoor flash
photography? Any help in terms of a web site link or a good
practical book on indoor flash photography will be appreciated.
Also, I am looking for some information on INFANT photograhpy so
that when the time comes I am all ready.

You would be better off just practicing on your own. If you continue having difficulty, consider getting a flash meter and control the output of the flash and camera manually.

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