Sigma SD9 + 4GB MD : The Result?

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Sigma SD9 + 4GB MD : The Result?

Well, as some of you maybe aware, I took the dive into purchasing the Muvo2 for the 4Gb treasure within it.

I took delivery of the mini-delight this morning, and proceeded to dismantle it and remove the Microdrive. The instructions to remove them are dead on, as per the thread in the Storage forum. I failed to get the Muvo2 working with my 1Gb Microdrive, but that is another problem to solve.

The next step was to get Linux to partition the Microdrive to see the full 4GB as FAT16. Smooth and trivial phase, which was well defined in the Fuji Forum by an S2 user.

The final phase is to take that unformatted card, and format it within Windows. Within XP, this is a case of going to Computer Management and selecting the appropriate [Microdrive] partition.

Result? One FAt16 formatted 4Gb drive, contained within a single primary-partition.

I then took the Microdrive into my Sigma SD9.


648 shots on the counter....

I have not had time to go through taking all 640+ shots, but this seems to be a positive result. More testing will need to take place, but it seems that the Sigma SD9 can cope fine with a 4GB Microdrive, formatted as FAT16 (note FAT32 wont work, as I [unintentionally] tried it, during this whole fiasco).

If this works under the SD9, it is reasonable to assume it does the same for the SD10 (my SD9 has the up to date firmware, but I suspect that may be moot).

After more testing, I will present any anomalies with the MD, but it seems to be taking the snaps fine!

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