Phil puts it at $4500!

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Confused about price difference

David Martin wrote:

Joe Farrugia wrote:

Why the f!%k is the Europe price 4600 Euros, if the US price is

4600 Euros is approx $5760.

My gosh, that's over $1200 price difference. Why, Canon?

Maybe it's 'cos the EU is still not a unified market, (even though
probably larger than the US.... or not?) so it can't command better

Get out your b@lls, Canon Europe: get that price right, or you will
lose a LOT of cutomers. Or do you do it on purpose?

Our studio purchased quite a sizeable amount of equipment from the
US, bypassing European stores.

The price difference in the Fuji S2 made it worth it for one of the
Studio Associates to make the trip to the US & bring it back
personally. Imagine his pleasant surprise when he got to know that
his European colleagues did not get the RAW software included here
in Europe (to add insult to injury).

Same thing when we needed to add to our Canon arsenal. 2 1D's, one
10d & 2 lenses.... the studio saved around $4000 (!!!)

Why the price hike here in Europe, Canon? Or have you given up the
market to Nikon & Fuji?

I was wondering are the prices equal for Nikon Equipment in the EU and America. I was just wondering if the price difference might be because of tarifis. The US is very pro free trade even when good from the US are heavily tariffed in other countries, they don't tariff goods from that country namely Japan.


I agree with your sentiments whole-heartedly - and it's even worse
for the small guy - the big fellas can do what you did, and cut a
deal somehow - it's the small guy who is really shafted.
However, you have answered your own question - by going to all that
trouble to get hold of Canon gear instead of plumping for Nikon or
Canon do it because they can - there aren't that many alternatives
out there in pro-camera land - in some cases effectively none once
you have comitted to a system.
Please see profile for equipment

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