Please help me with my new flash

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Re: Hands on

It apears to me that you are doing very well, you are a very fast learner.
I suspect that you in no time you will able to make very good photos.
Now, one or two more thinks that you could trie.

1. in the Mode dial turn it to the mark "M" (manual Mode) (in the suplieded manual -> pag 45 )

2. in the jog dial make the selection for the Aperture (F stop) and the speed (see pag 40 of the manual) , let's say F5.6 and 60 s)

3. in the menu for ISO of the camara select 100 ISO (see pag 39 of the manual)

3. Set the Flash at GREEN which is F5.6 @ 100 ISO (that is the same as the camara)

Now, let's have a litle of fun playing with the camara.

4. have a distance of 2 metres (+ -) from the subject

take a photo, review the picture, see the histogram and open or close the diafragma of the camara as needed.

If is underexposed, open the diafragma, decrease F (F5.6 -> F5)
If is overexposed, close the diafragma, increase F (F5.6 -> F6)

When the Flash lights, is only for a very very tiny period, thats for that reason that the picture doesn't come blured when you have of family wave theirs hads. The diafragma could be open for a greater period, but does not have the ligth it needs to record the movement. So, the movements freezes.

Have a lot of fun and have a lot of good pictures

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