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Thanks for the info. I have tried everything you said. What I am not good at is how far away I need to be from the subject to get a good exposure when:

1) Using Lumiquest 80-20/Pocket Bouncer
2) Using just the Ceiling as a Bounce.

Also what numbers to start playing with?

On a side note on V1 one can only go upto F2.8 max. So the lens is not as fast as Sony's F series cameras.

What I have tried is to use the Lumiquest 80-20 with white insert which makes it a pocket bouncer. Set the Flash at GREEN which is F5.6 @ 100 ISO. Set the camera in Aperture Priority mode (Assume the external flash is connected and is turned ON at this momemt). Half press the Shutter to focus the camera. The camera gives my a Shutter speed which is usually 1/30sec or near by at F2.8 inside my house. Without releasing the shutter, completely press it to take the picture. I even told my family to sit in front of me and wave their hand pretty fast when the camera was showing F2.8 at 1/30 sec at the half press of the shutter the picture did not show any motion blur. So my test revealed that the camera takes another exposure reading just before taking the picture when the flash fires and that's the reason it did not show any motion blur. The conclusion of this test is that I cannot realy on the camera reading when using external flash.

Now V1 does offer AE LOCK which I haven't tried yet. I think that will LOCK the exposure and will show me motion blur.

Hope this small test I did will help others in understanding this camera's operation and others will share their finding here so that all of us can use our small little gizmo much better than we could have thought.

Here's what I am looking forward to learn:

1) How far I need to be from the subject to use bounce flash photography. If I stay 4-5 meters away, I am not able to zoom enough to fill the frame. If I move closer I am either overexposing them or underexposing them. The picture gets underexposed when I match the camera and flash Aperture and I over expose when the camera has lesser F number than what was set on the flash.


Jose Maria Simoes wrote:
Well ... when you get some litle more experienced and fill a litle
easyer with your camara, why not to start taking photos from your
wife ? You want to take portraits, don't you ? So .... take
portraits, take several portraits of you wife ... so, one day you
can show them all to yours kids, ..... hehehe .... don't forget to
tell then that you have been allways the family photographer ....

Jose Maria Simoes wrote:

May I sugest this ?
In your leaving room, choose a subject to photograph.
Make the 100 ISO selection
Put your camara in Aperture priority and choose the F3.5
point the camara to the subject and press the the shutter button
alfway down, see the number of the shutter speed ?
Now, change the aperture to F3.
Point again the camara to the same subject and again, press the
button alfaway, see the number of the shutter speed become a litle
faster ?
Well, you did open a litle the diafragma and the camara compensate
the change by choosing to fast a litle more the shutter speed, this
way the camara is having the same quantity of light.
Now, trie the F4, see what apened to the speed ? Yes, it become a
litle slower.

So, by changing F3.5 to F3 the F number is smaller but the aperture
is grater, right ? But changing F3.5 to F4 give us the inverse.

Now, mount the flash on the camara and switch on. Ready to do some
more experiments ? Lets go to the funny part.

Put your camara in manual mode.
Choose F3.5 and 1/60 s.
Point the camara to the subject and get the picture. What hapened ?
Did the photo comes nice ? Yes ? No ? Oh well, lets go fix this
litle problem.
Review the picture, see the histogram ?
If the photo is dark the histogram shows a underexposed picture.

So, to fix this you need more light. That's very easy, open the
diafragma by shoosing a smaller F. Take another picture and see if
now it came right.

If the photo have to much ligth the histogram shows a overexposed
picture. In the review mode o can see the histogram

So, you have to close the diaframa to have less ligth by choosing a
greater F

Let's go PRO, by playing with the light of the flash.
Changing the direction of the flash's head you are changing the
path of the light. Bouncing the head in the direction to the
ceiling we will get a very beautifull light. But wait. Change to
F2.5 and experiment. Got what you pleased ? No ? Well, open or
close the diafragma as needed and you will have fantastic photos.
Please, don't make your fotos too close to the subject.
Have a lot of fun and beautiful photos.

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