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Hands on

May I sugest this ?
In your leaving room, choose a subject to photograph.
Make the 100 ISO selection
Put your camara in Aperture priority and choose the F3.5

point the camara to the subject and press the the shutter button alfway down, see the number of the shutter speed ?
Now, change the aperture to F3.

Point again the camara to the same subject and again, press the button alfaway, see the number of the shutter speed become a litle faster ?

Well, you did open a litle the diafragma and the camara compensate the change by choosing to fast a litle more the shutter speed, this way the camara is having the same quantity of light.
Now, trie the F4, see what apened to the speed ? Yes, it become a litle slower.

So, by changing F3.5 to F3 the F number is smaller but the aperture is grater, right ? But changing F3.5 to F4 give us the inverse.

Now, mount the flash on the camara and switch on. Ready to do some more experiments ? Lets go to the funny part.

Put your camara in manual mode.
Choose F3.5 and 1/60 s.

Point the camara to the subject and get the picture. What hapened ? Did the photo comes nice ? Yes ? No ? Oh well, lets go fix this litle problem.
Review the picture, see the histogram ?
If the photo is dark the histogram shows a underexposed picture.

So, to fix this you need more light. That's very easy, open the diafragma by shoosing a smaller F. Take another picture and see if now it came right.

If the photo have to much ligth the histogram shows a overexposed picture. In the review mode o can see the histogram

So, you have to close the diaframa to have less ligth by choosing a greater F

Let's go PRO, by playing with the light of the flash.

Changing the direction of the flash's head you are changing the path of the light. Bouncing the head in the direction to the ceiling we will get a very beautifull light. But wait. Change to F2.5 and experiment. Got what you pleased ? No ? Well, open or close the diafragma as needed and you will have fantastic photos. Please, don't make your fotos too close to the subject.
Have a lot of fun and beautiful photos.

Amit Chugh wrote:


Recently I purchase a Promaster 5750DX with a Standard FTM5000
module to hook up my V1. I have also purchased Lumiquest ProMax
System with it. The camera and flash are mounted on a Flash Flip

I am basically interested in Indoor flash photography. Very soon I
am going to be a father of a daughter and that's the only reason I
spent some money to go Digital so that I will be able to better
capture some of the most precious moments with my baby.

I have gone through lot of flash photography tips from Mike &
Yehuda but still I am far far away from taking a good decent
picture with my setup.

The problem that I am having is that most of the pictures either
get overexposed or underexposed.

The way I take a picture is I set the flash to GREEN AUTO mode
which is F5.6 at ISO 100 and then I set my camera to Aperture mode.
I set the lowest aperture I can use with my camera, which is F4.0
and use the full zoom. At full zoom V1 only gives me f4.0. Although
at full wide I get f2.8.

Based on the information posted here as well as at the back of the
lumiquest, it was said that using a bounce flash will loose 1 stop
of light. So, I set my camera 1 stop below i.e. f4.0 and flash at
f5.6 but I am not happy with the pictures.

Can someone provide with some more information on indoor flash
photography? Any help in terms of a web site link or a good
practical book on indoor flash photography will be appreciated.
Also, I am looking for some information on INFANT photograhpy so
that when the time comes I am all ready.

Thanks in anticipation,

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Jose Maria

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