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A better suggestion.......

Hello again Primax,

I have read with interest the many replies that you have recieved regarding both your images and the positive and negative feedback you have recieved.

First let me say that while my answer was a little flippant I was trying to be genuine in my reply.

You stated " im interested in maybe photographing people for a summer job" which I read to mean a) paid work and b) this coming summer 2004 (here in Australia it is currently summer).

I still stand by my statement that you should "use this summer to learn about photography so you can provide your clients with good service and good images another summer" but on reflection see that in the wrong context it could be seen to be a little harsh.

What I should have expanded on in my reply was that the worse thing you can do for yourself is to present yourself commercially to the public unless you can meet or better exceed their expectations. It can ruin your reputation before you even get your business off the ground.

It is obvious by the images that you have posted that you have a good eye and a flair that can be developed but this takes time, especially if you want to be commercially viable (money pays the bills). The knowledge that can be gained from this forum is fantastic. The exchange of product information alone could save you thousands of dollars and the artistic exchanges and critique are a fantastic learning tool.

I appreciate that you don't know me but if you did you would know that I would have not even bothered to reply unless I could see that you have a real interest and lots of potential.

I apoligise to you and the other forum members if my reply was seen to be too negative.



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