C1 Dynamic Range and PS vs. CS

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rafian wrote:
I suggest people who are overwhelmed by old-curves,
new-curves, high-contrast, extra-shadow, #$#@$ etc.,
to try out BreezeBrowser. I think BB offers the most
realistic results through it's simple user interface.

I still run C1 just to get the white-balance number
right. I apply WB value on BB for some of the images
that require precise WBalancing.

Honestly, I think the latest version of C1 sucks out-of-the-box.
If you are a C1/Digital-Imaging pro, I guess you would be very
happy with it.

my 2c.

pbleic wrote:

Found a few interesting threads on Rob Galbraith's site last night.

First, with the recent (somewhat confusing) change in C1 curves,
the new "Film Standard" curve is a high contrast conversion, which
has an effect similar to adding an S-curve in PS. Here is a plot of
the various curves:

The result - loss of dynamic range.

Although the old "Film Standard" is still available (as "Extra
Shadow"), several of the members there are suggesting using the old

Second -
The entire thread is worth reading:


While Ethan Hansen has a balanced discussion (drycreekphoto), there
is a very interesting post with backup testing:
(very sophisticated test:

"Aside from workflow, the biggest reason I favor C1 is because of
C1's superb tonal treatment (at least with the old curves ). I
found ACR most frustrating in this regard, inferior to even Canon's
converter. Adobe takes an image-processing approach while C1 takes
a film-processing approach. In particular the contrast controls
behave entirely differently, Adobe doing the digicam
point-and-shoot S curve type of thing while C1 maintains a
straighter center mimicing a higher/lower contrast film. For more
typical shots the difference may not be evident but as soon as you
get into wide dynamic range shots the Adobe rendering and
adjustment tools start to seem very primitive compared to C1's. Of
course you can fix all this with curves in PS, but then to some
degree you're defeating the benefits of raw, plus you've got to
have enough understanding about what's going on under the hood with
tonality to know how to fix it or even that it needs fixing. Even
if I'm going to do final tonal adjustments in PS, a C1 conversion
produces an even unbiased tonality that is the best place to start
with in PS.

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