Photographers and fate

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Yuri Pautov
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Photographers and fate

Privet (Hello), dear STFers!
Please, take shots, post them, enjoy peace and freedom!
Because they were other times...

In these days we, here in Russia, celebrate 60 anniversary of Leningrad's blockade break-through. 900 days. There were about 20 photographers.
None of them are alive.
People were suffering from cold and hunger. Bombing and fire.

Also, there were amateur photographers (as a majority of us here). It was a risk to take shots. One of them, after 3 shots was arrested, got so called "article 58 " (Anti-Soviet propaganda) with 5 years and perished.

Our photos, besides, are also historical material sometimes...

  • take a look a these b&w photos of Leningrad during blockade:

  • read (if you have time) this Excerpts from diary of my friend and boss's father (he was there)

  • think and enjoy our peaceful life, where we can take lots of photos.


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