Why get the LC1(Digilux2)??

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Re: What puzzels me...

Dan Petrescu wrote:

Too uniform lighting reffers to the fact that both foreground and
backround have almost same position in the tonal range. I bet the
light was under the average candles, louminosity and brightness are
very poor.
I am talking about the statue portret.

Ok, there are no shadows because of no primary light, only dim lightning was used to brighten the scene. Maybe it was intended to be so? If there were less light in shadows, the noise would be more noticeble there, of course. Anyway, the amount of noise is acceptable at least for me at ISO 400 too.

Of course the chart should be uniformly lighted but again the
amount of light reaching the surface of the chart is poor. I bet it
was under 3000k also. Yes, there are lighting standards when
performing such tests..take a look to what Phil Askey is doing.

I've looked through Internet and insured one more time both the ISO 12233 and test chart are not free to obtain :(. Of course, it's not a must have to everyone :-), but only to professional camera makers or testers. So I have to enjoy Phil's and other reporters' test results. I agree with the insufficient light in the chart snapshot. How can it change results? The only thing I can see there is no CA at the chart lines usially produced by other cameras.

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