awesome effects - anyone up for a challenge?

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Re: awesome effects - anyone up for a challenge?

Janet G wrote:

i was reading the fred miranda forums and came across this thread
in the wedding forum, which led to this website... the photographer
said he uses a "almost infrared compressed tone image" - i would
love to be able to apply something like this to photos...if anyone
can figure it out..i'd love to know..

link to the site..


Hi if its this effects you are looking for??

here how i did it.....
1) your picture opened go to hue/sat box bring down sat down to -70 close.
2) go to brig/cont box +15 brig -15 contrs close
3)now dub the layer make top layers belending mode overley

4)while top layer active go to filter gauis blur give it about your taste it depends on your pic res and thats it ..... hope it will work for you it works for me !!!

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