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Re: rob, need a little elaboration

Tom May wrote:


Now that I've read Phil's review for the S7000, I am interested in
perhaps purchasing it. I noted that you mentioned that the S2Pro
hyperutility package works just fine with the S7000 RAW conversion.

I just checked at Bibble labs for MacBibble (a $99 RAW utility) and
it support the S2. I'll have to try and get confirmation with them,
but, it may be that MacBibble will support the S7000.

There is a 15 day trial available, so should I purchase a camera,
(I would be doing so this week) I will hopefully be able to confirm

Just a side note. I have been, and am still, interested in an
S2/D100, but with the near term announcement likely for the
S2/D200/D2X/D70, I thought that I could obtain a very good camera
now in the S7000, that I would be pleased to continue use of in the
future. I would note that I was one of those initially excited
about the Sony 828, but, now, I would have to argue that with very
similar output (and perhaps much less CA) the S7000 at under $600
dollars screams value. That and the fact that I already have a very
high performance charging system and NiMH batteries, and 12 2000ma
AA batteries, and my only other expense will be memory, and perhaps
the MacBibble software.


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You, me and likely many others have gone ahead with the S7000 and will enjoy while the DSLR evolution unfolds. I had the cash in my hand for a D100 and walked away twice. Also considered S2Pro seriously. It's a big deal to already have Nikkor AF lenses and a speedlight. I will likely end up with both the S7000 and a D70 when it comes out. One thing for sure, I would not NOW only have the DSLR.....S7000 is too convenient and too much fun.

rob scrimgeour wrote:

KADE wrote:

im a professional photographer and just traded in some gear for a
s7000 to get my feet wet in the digital tub.
what is a good converter for the raw files, the finepix only
renders in 8bit.

Fuji Raw File Converter EX will give you much more control. It is
available as part of the Hyper-Utility Software Package (HS-S2) for
the S2pro camera. I do not think that it is available on its own,
but this could vary from country to country, and may change now
that the S5000 and S7000 are on the market.

does capture one reconise the fuji S7000 files ?

Someone else will have to answer this, as I don't know.

is there a program that will enable teathred shooting to a mac
laptop running on x ?

No tethered shooting is available with this camera.

or a way via svideo, an adaptor, cord any
thing, i know it can be dont on a tv, so maybe on the mac as well ?

You can run the video cable to a TV and view the same thing as the
LCD sees, but the actual files cannot be transmitted this way.

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