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Some predictions


  • D2X: 8mp, 5.5 fps, DX format, LBCAST, D2H body, 4000€/$ for PMA

  • D70: 6mp, 3 fps, DX format, Sony CCD, for PMA

  • maybe a D100s for PMA but rather a D200, for photokina

  • F6 with digital backs by Kodak and Fuji, for photokina


  • S3: 12mp, 3 fps, DX format, F100 body, for PMA

  • S2 will be continued until fall


  • 10Dn: like 10D but EF-S compatible, some improovements, for PMA

  • 1Dn: 8mp, 8 fps, 1.3x, for PMA

  • 1Dsn: 16mp, 3fps, FF, for PMA

Other brands as listed by Pop Photo and others.

Marccuba wrote:

First off all:
what's already known:
2 DSLRS, the D70 and the D2X, which we know nothing off, except
there names.

probably 2 maybe 3 DSLRS:
one as an intermediate for the 300D and the D10 (and probably the
replacement for the D10. The 300D would then become cheaper.
one as a replacement for the 1DS: probably 8MPix
nr3: ???????

Minolta: 1 DSLR incorporating the anti-shake system from the Dimage
A1, probably 6 MPix, probably incorporating Olympus's CCD-cleaning

Olympus: probably a cheaper E-system SLR (4 MPix?)

Fuji: replacement for the S2 Pro.

Pentax: ?

And now for the unknown:
forget about Samsung: they don't hold already a full line of
prosumer digital compacts, so why a DSLR?

The only two which I consider of thinking of a DSLR are Panasonic
and Sony.
Neither one of them thought it sound to sign Olympus' 3/4 system,
so if (IF!) they are to anounce a DSLR, then they have to kling on
another manufacturer for their lenses (Contax for Sony and Leica
for Panasonic).
In the case of Sony it's dificult: Contax (Carl Zeiss) would have
to think of their N-bayonet (which is not probably) or have to
think (yet another) new mount, while it's a little less dificult
for Panasonic, since Leica has a whole line of (excellent) R-lenses.
Anyway, to make it possible, they have to think of cheap lenses,
which is not the case for neither two and would oblige them to
comercialise Sony or Panasonic lenses together with the Carl Zeiss
or Leica ones... You see them doing that?

Walter Freiberger wrote:

In its January issue German Color Foto Magazine (one of the threee
biggest photo mags in Europe) hintet that we have to expect rather
15 than 10 new DSLR's in 2004. They mentioned Samsung and Panasonic
an probably Sony as companies entering the DSLR business.

In the actual February issue they give more hints, which are
similar but a bit more precise than those given by pop photo lately:


  • New DSLR presented at PMA. With antishake sensor. Maxxum mount.

Avaiable in the second half of 2004.


  • Additional DSLRs (!) for amateurs and pros. More DX lenses.


  • 2 new cheaper DSRLs for the E-system. Probably with antishake

sensor. At least one third pard party manufacturer (Sigma or
Tamron) will make lenses for the E-system.


  • Developping a ZLR with EVF and exchangeable Leica (?) lenses. To

be presentet at Photokina.


  • DSLRs (!). Small and light. Antishake sensor probable. Further

digital lenses.


  • Two lines: FF sensors for the pro DSLRs. APS for consumers. Only

some few wideangle EF-S lenses.


  • DSLR system for photokina is possible but not certain.


  • Developping DX/DC style lenses.


  • Concentrating on compacts. A DSLR with APS sensor is possible.


  • Digital MF camera planned for photokina. Sensor considerably

bigger than 24x36 mm.


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