Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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Re: It seems that Nikon has a problem with QC of 5700

digicam wrote:

another isue: 5400 which I bought earlier had the never version of
software in the package. The 5700 I bought 15 days ago, and
possibly a new shipped item, had still the old version of software.
Why should the customer have to download from the site. Nikon has
to take care to supply the latest, at time of shipment from
factory. Was that because they did not print the user manual?
Probably. The old version no. is in the manual.

How do you know that the 5700 you bought was not shipped to the store before v1.1 was released? I bought mine two months ago, and it came shipped with v1.1.

Stranger things have happened...


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