Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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Hot Pixel are not remap disable IN RAW

Are always use my CP 5000 in RAW. The bad thing about the coolpix is that the hot pixel are not disable in the RAW. Camera RAW in Photoshop CS have a process that remove automaticall the hot pixel... that intelligent ! Nikon Capture do not have this function !%!%!

digicam wrote:
5700 was the only camera (among many that I have or had, incl.
5400, Dimage 7, Canon S50, S400, Pentax 532, Cp900, Kodak DC4800,
Fuji S2 Pro) that had so many hot pixels right out of the box.

5400 was excellent, while 5700 had 3 pixels not mapped by QC of
Nikon. I remapped and it's OK now. But why should I accept this as
normal, Nikon had to do it for me before letting tha camera out of
the factory. Otherwise, I know that such small number of defects in
the hardware are acceptable.

another isue: 5400 which I bought earlier had the never version of
software in the package. The 5700 I bought 15 days ago, and
possibly a new shipped item, had still the old version of software.
Why should the customer have to download from the site. Nikon has
to take care to supply the latest, at time of shipment from
factory. Was that because they did not print the user manual?
Probably. The old version no. is in the manual.


baw wrote:

My observation was made too soon. I rechecked the 8s shoot I made
with the lens cap and indeed there were some white hotpixels.

8s second shots are not very relevant to detect hotpixels. With
these extreme long exposure times you're sure to see some hot
pixels. Thats why Nikon put Noise Reduction in their Coolpixes. In
the 5700 manual Nilkon advises to use NR in shots longer than 1/30

I just downloaded the Russian program and made a test with my brand
new (3 weeks) CP5400. DAMN!!! 81 bad pixels. Ok, let's try to click
on the remap button. 14 seconds after, the message "Your CCD was
successfully remapped". I took a couple of pictures and everything
seems to be just fine. Dave, I think this answers your question.

With 81 remapped hot pixels you probably got one of the best CCD's
ever produced. Try another read of the map and see how many are
remapped now. If you're camera had been on for some time before
remapping you may find 512 remapped pixels now.

But now a question comes to mind, how often these hotpixel (new
ones) will appear on the CCD? How much time a camera has until the
512 bad pixels table will fill up?

Impossible to predict. You can reduce the number of remapped pixels
by cooling the camera a couple of hours in a cold garage or
something like that. Than connect the camera to your computer,
remap and you should have the lowest possible remap number for your
CCD at that time.

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