Use G3 to scan (photograph) 35mm slides?

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Re: Use G3 to scan (photograph) 35mm slides? Like myself

but with an A80. I have a MAJOR slide copying project going on, now ready for full implementation after some feasability tests and prototyping.
Please have a look at
where you can see the jig and light box setup I use at

On the adapter ring I have put a +10 close-up lens which gives a minimum subject length of 33 mm but I back off to 38 mm to have space for cropping, due to mis-alignment etc.
It might be different regarding lens setup on your cam.

The cam is set at wide-angle/close-up, ISO 50, self timer 2 seconds, f8, AiAF on. Some recent trial shots are here
I have posted three earlier threads on this forum, last one being

But OTOH since you will shoot just a few hundred, so a jig is probably overkill and a tripod ok.

One little caution: if you shoot dark slides with a light portion in them (like a church window from the inside), you may see a reflection of the the camera lens in the digital image, having been projected on the dark parts of the slide. For these shots one must mask the lens front with blck cardboard or something similar.

And, as you probably have planned, mask off the light box light around the slide.
Good luck!

Gus Stangeland wrote:

I have a relatively small number of 35mm slides, a few hundred,
that I want to digitize so I can either make prints or computer/TV
slideshows, etc. My $500 Microtek scanner has a special tray for
scanning slides and negatives, but the resolution just is not good
enough. It's only 600x1200 dpi and you really need at least 2400
dpi for 35mm slides/negatives.
So I've been looking at dedicated film scanners but they are quite
expensive. This is a job that once I do it, I'm done. After I scan
all my slides and a few negatives, the $300 - $1000 film scanner
will sit and gather dust. I'm NOT going to shoot any more film!
Someone suggested that rather than invest in another scanner, why
not use my 4 megapixel digital camera and just take pictures of the
slides. I understand that has been done with good results.
Sorry for the long lead-in to my question - my question is, what
would be a good closeup lens to buy that would work well on the G3
for this purpose? I have a light box, so I will put the slide(s) on
the light box, then set my G3 up on a tripod and align it to take a
picture of the back-lit slide, using my remote to make sure there
is no camera shake.
I have a cheap 37mm closeup lens that I bought for another camera
and I tried that, so the idea does work. The problems are major
vignetting with the small lens and also significant distortion
around the edges. The center of the picture looks good, but as you
move away from center it gets pretty bad - not acceptable.
So I want a GOOD lens that would fit on my 52mm Lensmate - could
use my 52-49 step-down ring. The idea is that after I am through
"scanning" the slides, I can continue to use the closeup lens for
other subjects. Much better investment than a dedicated film
scanner. Any suggestions?

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