Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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This is how it works:


Gibbsalot wrote:

... well, 512 came up bad. Im not sure how
that is...

The CoolPix 5K cameras have approximately five million pixels, and each and every one of these has its individual address, or number. The "bad pixel table" in the camera already contains the addresses of the 512 hottest pixels in the sensor as the camera leaves the Nikon plant.

As the camera ages, some previously "healthy" pixels will become hot. This is a natural ageing process, but it can be a good idea to run the remap software when new hot pixels will start appear in your photos.

What happens is the following: the camera will first discard the previous contents of the "bad pixel table". Then it will take an automatic five second "black frame" exposure to detect the 512 hottest pixels. The addresses of these will then be inserted in the "bad pixel table". That's it!

Anyways, my main point was in the program, it says:
FIRMWARE: v583-80

But when I check my firmware on my camera, it shows v1.1, so How
come the program says I have 1.00 but my camera says 1.1? Thanks
for the help.

That's a minor bug in the Russian program. The easiest way to find out the true firmware version is this: switch off the camera, and then hold down the MENU button while powering the camera on again. The firmware version should now be displayed along with some neat graphics.


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