Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

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Re: No it is a general digital camera problem

I just got my 5700 about 1 month ago, or less. I noticed one tiny green bright dot in all of my pictures. Took an 8sec lens cap picture. Studied picture very closely, still on that very tiny green dot. so I thought I would run the read CCD map program just to see how many were bad...well, 512 came up bad. Im not sure how that is...Anyways, my main point was in the program, it says:
FIRMWARE: v583-80

But when I check my firmware on my camera, it shows v1.1, so How come the program says I have 1.00 but my camera says 1.1? Thanks for the help.

Guilherme Orcutt wrote:

My observation was made too soon. I rechecked the 8s shoot I made
with the lens cap and indeed there were some white hotpixels. I
just downloaded the Russian program and made a test with my brand
new (3 weeks) CP5400. DAMN!!! 81 bad pixels. Ok, let's try to click
on the remap button. 14 seconds after, the message "Your CCD was
successfully remapped". I took a couple of pictures and everything
seems to be just fine. Dave, I think this answers your question.
But now a question comes to mind, how often these hotpixel (new
ones) will appear on the CCD? How much time a camera has until the
512 bad pixels table will fill up?

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