Just remapped 5700's CCD.....

Started Oct 15, 2003 | Discussions thread
Petra B. Contributing Member • Posts: 533
No it is a general digital camera problem


Every digital camera of any brand or model that I have ever used has had hot pixels. I read somewhere that even the Hubble space telescope has its fair share of them (although they are effectively mapped out).

The first hot pixel in my 5700 appeared after almost four months of use and as far as I know, the 5k series of CoolPix cameras are equipped with pretty high quality sensors. Your 5400 will sooner or later develop hot pixels too - it is something that comes with the territory, so to speak. Don't worry about them, you can easily map them out and it is actually quite a harmless operation.


Guilherme Orcutt wrote:

Everyone on this thread seems to have a 5700. This is an exclusive
5700 problem? I have a brand new 5400 and after making a 8s shoot
in the dark I couldn't notice any hotpixel. Should I be concerned
about this matter?

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