4 Gig drive for less than $300....holy Sh!+

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4 Gig drive for less than $300....holy Sh!+

Andymack from the Sony forum brought this up.....u can buy a NOMAD MuVo² 4GB music/data player for $300 or less. the drive that is inside of it is a microdrive...that's compaitble with the Sony F828...so i'm assuming it is compatible with the Canon 300D!!! OMG


2 months a ago....I bought a 1 gig drive for over 170 ....dang

just wanted to let the Canon family know what the Sony group was up to and help everyone


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Subject 4GB microdrive and F-828
Posted by andymack [CLICK FOR PROFILE]
Date/Time 8:31:27 PM, Wednesday, January 07, 2004 (GMT)

For those who need a 4GB microdrive, you may try this!


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