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Re: ONE more time....

Higuma wrote:

With respect.....

OK folks - One more time - I live in Japan and my wife is
Japanese... she is not a housewife - she is a learned University
graduate who has been an executive secretary for the CEO and
Chairman of a large Japanese Company for almost 20 years - she is
NO slouch ( & beautiful btw )

According to her - - - - There is NO literal translation from the
word Zuiko to a Japanese word... There is no word pronounced Zuiko
in the Japanese language - KO means "light" and the closest word
would be an old Shinto (religious language is old and relatively
unused) word spelled " 瑞光 " this can be pronounced...
"zwee-ko" - this word means " the light of / from a happy
ococcasion and has SFA to do with God or Gods... To you these
pronunciations would appear the same but - trust me - subtle
differences in pronunciation in Japanese make HUGE differences in

I think that this is a case of someone taking a word and twisting
the translation of a Japanese word into a definition in another
language to make it sound Cool.. sorry but the word comes from the
names of factories - not cool or romantic like "light of Gods"....

The quote that I posted originally was a direct cut and paste from
Olympus's website - NOT a translation... Don't know what is so hard
to understand about that..

Sorry - but unless you can direct me to anything else Official from
Olympus regarding the name then you are just supporting another
urban legand...

I have heard other stories about the "real" meaning of company
names etc.. Like did you hear that Ford really means "Found On Road
Dead" LOL... ;> ) Sorry... couldn't help myself... Bad humor I
know... but case in point - Anybody can make up a plausible
explanation and if it's repeated enough then it becomes easier to

If there are any more Japanese scholars out there who want to chime
in with a kanji (pictograph character) of this word go ahead... I
would love to prove my wife wrong regarding Japanese - just once....


Well, these lenses don't emit light anyway, they just help capturing some. The light of Gods, I am not sure, that of Goddesses most certainly!

Hans H. Siegrist

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