F700/S5000 raw gui ver1.07a

Started Jan 14, 2004 | Discussions thread
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F700/S5000 raw gui ver1.07a

Latest release, thought 1.07 would be end for a bit but there were so many bugs this is out

Again, this is a GUI raw converter for the F700 and S5000 cameras. It is really optimized for the F700 but they are similar enough that it works for the S5000 also. S5000 owners are also cheaper and i thought more inclined to work on this code, right fer ;).

Remember to cut and paste the link into a new browser window. There is a known problem with the EXIF window, data seems odd in a couple of parameters. Also there is a copyright and author box to fill in that don't work ;(.





So any updates you want, go ahead and make them ;).

For Phillipe and others with the dreaded 'white screen'

Please try version 107a first i was hoping that a slight change would fix the problem

But if it doesn't


and source code


note the OnDraw section in CRawView

You will have to find someone fairly knowledgable in windows programming to figure this one out.

either the device context is not right when creating the bitmap, or the bitblt instruction is not working properly.

Anyway, i also delete most of the old stuff from the website hosting this source,



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