Zuiko - Name Meaning / History

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Re: Zuiko - Name Meaning / History

Zuiko means "Light of the Gods" in Japanese

Higuma wrote:

A little while ago a thread came out about what Zuiko means - I
searched for it but lost my patience - and where it came from...

Here is an Official tidbit that I came across when perusing the
Japanese site.... I guess this is the OFFICIAL explanation.. I
apologize if this is a repeat of common knowledge...


ZUIKO is the name of the lens used on the Semi-OLYMPUS I, the first
camera sold by the Takachiho corporation (OLYMPUS' predecessor) in
1936. The name was taken from two of the characters used to write
"Mizuho Optical Research Laboratory," where the lens was created,
and for its close association with the company name Takachiho and
trademark OLYMPUS, with the goal of creating an auspicious name.


Apparently nothing to do with Thunder Gods or anything like that...
LOL... I guess that is a urban legend about the name... I asked my
wife (who's Japanese) about the translation given by another poster

  • something like Thunder God or From the Gods - and she gave gave

me the "head tilt".... Universal for WTF....


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