Which photographer inspires you?

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Which photographer inspires you?

In Open Talk, Petteri wrote the following earlier today:

"People who are already well into photography can't really get much from attending classes, I think -- although they can benefit from critiques and of critiquing other people's work."

I am not necessarily sure I agree that people of a certain standard can't get much out of classes - I think anyone can get comfortably stuck in a rut or develop certain habitual ways of doing/ perceiving and it does us all good to be shaken out of our set ways every now and again, reminded of even familiar precepts and challenged to do something different. However, Petteri's comment led me onto a train of thought about professional photographers in particular who have inspired me over the years and how each of us can surely be inspired and educated by others' work no matter what our tastes or skills.

I am not for a moment suggesting that professionals are the ONLY sources of inspiration - quite the reverse, I strongly believe that we learn a great deal from each other. I've learned a huge amount since joining this forum.

However, what I would like to ask everyone now is... which professional/published photographer(s)' work do you get most out of/ which most inspires you? Is it someone who lives or exhibits locally - giving you new ideas about the area where you live? Or perhaps someone who created amazing pictures 50 or even 100 years ago with only the basics of equipment? Or even someone whom you admire for additional abilities other than just their photographic talent? Perhaps a friend who uses Minolta gear professionally? Someone with a mission or a message portrayed through their work? Or just someone whose published work in a book or magazine makes you think "WOW, if I could produce an image like that...!"

Do you feel like sharing your inspiration, preferably with a link to the photographer in question's website if they have an online gallery and also any images of your own that you have been led to take specifically as a result of seeing this person's work? What is their work like and what do you get out of seeing it?

Hopefully sharing thoughts on this subject will help us to find new sources of inspiration - or at least find out more about "what makes us tick".
What do you think?

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